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Liberty Utilities files advice letter for rate increase

Post Date:04/03/2017
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Liberty Utilities has filed a request to impose another surcharge amounting to a 1 percent increase in the water rates it charges customers. This request comes just three months after Liberty raised rates by 4.88 percent and then announced a 2-year rate freeze.

Liberty’s request to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), known as an “advice letter,” asks for the increase to make up for money the company did not make last year because customers conserved water. According to the advice letter, the new surcharge will add $245,482 to Liberty’s revenue.

According to Liberty’s filing, no formal notice of the proposed surcharge will be provided to customers of Liberty in advance of CPUC approval. Instead, customers can expect to receive notice of the increase at the same time they receive their first bill with the higher rates.

“We’re perplexed by Liberty’s decision to ask for almost a quarter million in additional revenue just six months after publicly announcing a rate freeze,” said Mayor Scott Nassif. “In January, Liberty’s Vice President and General Manager promised transparency and accountability.  Springing this increase on residents without any advance written notice certainly doesn’t seem to fit with that theme”

Interested parties have 20 days to file a protest with the CPUC.  The town is currently considering whether to protest the advice letter.

 View or Print:  Liberty Utilities Advice Letter (3-31-17)