Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I turn in a complaint about my neighbor?

You may call Code Enforcement at 240-7560 or you may turn in a complaint electronically through the Town’s website at click on the drop down menu named “I Want To” then click on Report a Problem or Complaint.

What information is required to turn in a complaint?

You will need the address of the property you are complaining about, a description of the violation, and you will need to give your name, address, and phone number for a complaint to be taken. Code Enforcement does not accept anonymous complaints. All information is kept confidential.

Can I have inoperative vehicles on my lot?

One inoperative vehicle is allowed in the rear yard provided it is completely screened from public view by using approved screening material. Otherwise, an inoperative vehicle must be housed in a garage, repaired, or removed from the property.

Can I do anything about a dirty pond, pool or excessive runoff?

Standing water such as a swimming pool, pond or other body of water which is abandoned, unattended, unfiltered, or not otherwise maintained, resulting in the water becoming polluted, is cause for concern. It can be a source for the West Nile Virus or dangerous and hazardous conditions in a winter freeze. Contact Code Enforcement and the matter will be investigated.

Can I park a commercial vehicle at my house?

Commercial vehicle parking is only permitted in the Town of Apple Valley (1) if you have a valid permit issued by the Town of Apple Valley (presently available to those with 2.5 acres or more in certain zoning), or (2) are parked within 300 feet of a commercial business on an approved truck route for up to one hour, or (3) for loading and unloading of the cargo only.

What do I need to do to have a yard sale?

Each single family residence is entitled to three yard sales per calendar year. A free permit is required and available from the Town of Apple Valley reception desk located inside of Town Hall. Yard sale signs can only be posted on the property conducting the sale. No signs are allowed on the telephone poles, street signs, etc.

Where can I park my vehicle to sell it?

You may park one vehicle for sale on your developed property. Vehicles parked on vacant lots, in parking lots or in Town right of ways are subject to a citation.

There is Graffiti on the wall, fence, street or mailbox

Code Enforcement handles all graffiti issues. The property owner may sign a graffiti waiver if one is not on file and the graffiti will be removed or color matched by a professional contractor free of charge. Otherwise the property owner will be asked to remove the graffiti within 7 days.

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