Winter & Flood Safety Tips

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Winter Safety

Even in our area of the high desert winter storms can bring rain, snow, ice, flooding and temperatures below freezing.  Visit the provided link below to obtain information on how you can prepare yourself and family for the winter months.

Flood Safety Information

Don’t get caught in flooded waters and debris flow!  Apple Valley firefighters remind their local residents to be aware of the potential flood and debris flow dangers associated with rainy days.  Here’s what to do.

  • Make sure any necessary home repairs are complete
  • Determine the areas on your property that may have flooded in the past. If needed utilize sandbags for those areas. 
  • Make sure your car’s tires have proper tread and windshield wipers are in proper working order.
  • Never drive around marked flood barricades or into flood waters.
  • Never attempt to walk or wade through flowing water. As little as 6 inches of water can sweep you off your feet causing a potentially life threatening situation.
  • Monitor radio and TV news closely for information about weather conditions and flooding in your area.
  • Identify important items to take if your neighborhood is evacuated, such as computers, photos, important documents, medications, and other needed items for your family and pets.
  • Be prepared to leave immediately if an evacuation is ordered.  Have alternate evacuation routes out of your neighborhood.
  • Have enough food and water to supply your family for at least a 72-hour period.
  • Always remember to include a radio and flashlight with fresh batteries in your kit

 For additional information see our GET READY page and click on image below.


Sand bags

Sand bags and sand are available to residents served through the Apple Valley Fire Protection District (limit 10) at Station 331 located at 22400 Headquarters Drive, Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please remember to bring your own shovel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if water is entering my home?  If water is entering your home and you or your family are in danger call 911. Otherwise, please call the Fire Department non- emergency line at 909-356-3805

What do I do if water is approaching my home? Residents are responsible for protecting their own personal property. Please prepare for El Nino!

What do I do if my street is flooded?  For emergencies concerning sewer, water, flooding, traffic signs, traffic signals, or emergencies regarding a town facility, please call:

  • During business hours the Town's Public Services Department at 760-240-7500.  
  • During after hours the Town's dispatch number at 760-961-6001. 


Town of Apple Valley

Apple Valley Fire Protection District

SCE- Fact Sheet

Ready Apple Valley Resources

San Bernardino County

California Office of Emergency Services

CA Storm Ready

To Receive Storm Alerts On Your Cellphone   

If you find yourself in a threatening situation in which you need immediate help, call 911.


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