Apple Valley PEG Channel

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The Apple Valley PEG (Public, Education and Government) Channel is a Town of Apple Valley designated
government access cable operation available on cable franchises operating within the Town of Apple Valley.

Current cable franchises include Charter Spectrum (Channel 186) and Frontier (Channel 29):


The channels belong to the Town of Apple Valley and exist to inform and involve citizens in government
and community affairs, provide information concerning local public meetings, governmental programs and
services, public policy issues, general governmental announcements and other special activities and
events deemed appropriate within the programming policies and guidelines.

Click HERE for a copy of the Town's Programming Policy.



Feel free to also visit the Town's On-Demand Video page to find and watch any posted video.

The Apple Valley PEG Channel is intended:

  • To promote citizen understanding of, and participation in, governmental decision-making by
    cablecasting and providing On-Demand web-streaming of public meetings and hearings of the
    Apple Valley Town Council, Commissions and Committees as deemed appropriate and in keeping
    with programming policies and guidelines.
  • To increase awareness and knowledge of the functions and responsibilities of local government
    and the services, programs, events, and activities of various departments and agencies.
  • To offer informational programs that address governmental policies, procedures, actions, quality
    of life issues, and special events/activities as deemed appropriate.
  • To provide pertinent and useful information on public health, safety and emergency services.
  • To highlight local amenities, history and the outstanding citizens and businesses of Apple Valley
    that all contribute to making the Town of Apple Valley a Better Way of Life.