The Public Information Office is a primary link between our customers and the Town of Apple Valley.  Whether you are a resident, visitor, employee, business person or a member of the media, our office can help you navigate the many departments and services offered by the Town. We have three main functions - information, special events and outreach.

INFORMATION: We are responsible for communication between the Town and our entire community including the general population, the media and the business community. Using the Our Town newsletter, press releases, Facebook, Twitter, this website and many other resources, we strive to keep everyone informed of events and issues that shape our community.

EVENTS: The department is also responsible for many major special events including the Freedom Festival, Sunset Concert Series, and the Winter Wonderland. For more information visit our Events page.

OUTREACH: The PIO department also oversees programs such as Adopt-A-Street and Military Honors. Browse the links in the left column for more details.  We are also the one's to call for anything from arranging a guest speaker to scheduling a tour of Town Hall.

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Serving You...

  • Kathie Martin, Director of Communications
  • Charlene Engeron, Public Relations Specialist
  • Karen Kelley, Administrative Secretary
  • Kenny Sousa, Marketing Assistant

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  • Public Information: (760) 240-7000 ext. 7072
  • Fax: (760) 240-7223
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