Citation Information

  • If you have received a Code Enforcement administrative citation or parking citation, you can make your payment using one of the methods listed below.
  • You can pay in full, set up payments, pay multiple citations at once or appeal the citation online; you can complete your transaction through the Citation Processing Center.

Payment Options:

  • Pay by Phone:  Call  the Citation Processing Center at (800) 969-6158.
  • Pay Online: Visit the Citation Processing Center payment site. 
  • Pay by Mail: Mail payments and checks payable to:
    • Town of Apple Valley 
    • C/O Citation Processing Center
    • P.O Box 7275
    • Huntington Beach,  CA 92647-2730
  • Pay in Person: At Apple Valley Town Hall.

Should you require additional assistance with your transaction, please call the Citation Processing Center at (800) 969-6158

Avoid Additional Fines

  • Ensure the violation you were cited for is quickly corrected. 
  • You can request an extension to allow you additional time to correct the violation before receiving another citation by emailing Code Enforcement at or by calling Code Enforcement at (760) 240-7560. Please make sure to include/have all the information related to your case (case number, property address, etc.).  Depending on the violation and the progress made to correct the violation, no more than 30 days may be granted.   

Avoid Late Payment Penalties

  • 30 days after the date of issuance,  unpaid fines will result in the assessment of a late payment fee calculated at 50% of the total amount of the administrative fine owed.  
  • Additional action may be taken to collect the fines including, but not limited to, collection efforts through the State Franchise Tax Board or the California Department of Motor Vehicles.