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Abandoned shopping carts...

  • Pollute the environment with decaying metal, plastic, and rubberized material;
  • Create physical hazards. For example, abandoned shopping carts in natural drainage courses can affect water flows and cause problem flooding;
  • Are an eyesore and nuisance!

The hidden cost of abandoned shopping carts:

  • Replacing shopping carts requires making new ones which, in turn, increases a store's carbon footprint;
  • Replacing shopping carts increases a store's overhead which is passed onto to you, the customer;
  • Retrieving, storing, and returning shopping carts to the stores increases abatement costs and overall burden to our residents!

Do your part...

  • Return shopping carts to cart returns in the store's parking lot when done using it;
  • Do not take a shopping cart off the store's property for any reason. Possession of a shopping cart off the property of its rightful owner is a crime;
  • If you see an abandoned shopping cart off the store's property, report it.

Click the big red button below to report an abandoned shopping cart.Shopping Cart Button