Entitlement Process

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With certified shovel-ready sites, a certified EIR and a streamlined administrative permit process, a project within the NAVISP area can break ground within 120-days after submittal of a complete application.

Apple Valley has an Advisory group available to assist individuals considering building within the Town. This Advisory group, the Development Advisory Board (DAB), will provide information about the applicable standards and requirements for any construction within the Town.

Unique to the NAVISP, the Site Plan Review (SPR) permit process allows for the administrative review and approval for projects which propose permitted uses and conform to the requirements and development standards of the NAVISP. Those projects which do not conform to the NAVISP Standards (as identified in Table III-1, NAVISP) may require a Special Use Permit (SUP) or a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Circumstances requiring a SUP or CUP should occur infrequently in the NAVISP, as the list of permitted uses is quite extensive. A SUP requires discretionary administrative review, while a CUP requires Planning Commission approval and is subject to public hearing and noticing requirements.

Permit Process Schedule