North Apple Valley Industrial Specific Plan

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Below is a snapshot of the benefits to be derived from locating your project in the North Apple Valley Industrial Specific Plan (NAVISP).  Our comments aren't meant to be cavalier, we just want to emphasize the matter-of-fact, efficient and timely manner in which we do business and how that directly impacts your ability to be successful in Apple Valley.

Proposal Services

  • Within 72 hours we'll deliver pertinent and accurate information you need to make your site selection decisions
  • With over 86 years of combined experience in helping businesses relocate and expand, we get it

Business-Friendly Attitude

  • Development Advisory Board, attended by representatives of all entitling divisions and other outside agenices and utilities, ensures no surprises after submittal
  • One point of contact throughout process means you get the same story, every time
  • Build-to-suit estimates can be completed to better determine a project's bottom line

Fast Entitlement Process

  • An application deemed complete will be processed in 120 days
  • A previously built structure that conforms to the NAVISP development standards can be entitled in 45 days from the time a application is deemed complete.
  • By the way, that's faster than any other California community

Direct Market Access

  • Most sites are located less than 7 minutes, or 5 miles, from Interstate 15
  • Interstate 15 will quickly get your product to I-10, I-40, SR-395, SR-18 and beyond
  • Reach all U.S. midwest markets within 24 hours

Certified Environmental Impact Report

  • A CEQA Program EIR has already been completed as part of the specific plan adoption

Low Land Prices

  • Prices range from $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot, largely dependent on proximity to infrastructure

Industrial Development and Impact Fee Deferral Program

  • Defer various development fees for a specified period of time or the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, whichever is first

Southern California Edison/McCallum Sweeney Site Certification Program

  • SCE promises to streamline their approval process.  That's one more agency on your side
  • Apple Valley is home to California's first McCallum Sweeney Consulting certified site

Customized Incentive Program

  • On a case-by-case basis, the Town will individually tailor a customized package of incentives to meet your specific needs. The level of assistance offered is proportionate to the degree of benefit derived from the development, and is measured by such factors as level of capital investment, jobs created and sales tax generated

California State Incentives
The state has numerous incentives in place to encourage investment and reduce the cost of staring and operating a business in California. These programs include tax assistance in various forms:

  • Credits for the purchase, lease or construction of manufacturing equipment
  • Tax credits for research and development costs
  • Employment training assistance
  • Industrial development bonds

Permit Process

Unique to the NAVISP, the Site Plan Review (SPR) permit process allows for the administrative review and approval for projects which propose permitted uses and conform to the requirements and development standards of the NAVISP. Those projects which do not conform to the NAVISP Standards (as identified in Table III-1, NAVISP) may require a Special Use Permit (SUP) or a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Circumstances requiring a SUP or CUP should occur infrequently in the NAVISP, as the list of permitted uses is quite extensive. An SUP requires discretionary administrative review, while a CUP requires Planning Commission approval and is subject to public hearing and noticing requirements.