Pavement Management Program

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The PAVEMENT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM is the system used by the Town to determine what roads to repair next. Originally implemented in May 1991, engineering staff conducted surveys and inspections of over 1400 road segments in Town. Each segment is rated in terms of road classification (arterial, collector, local), condition (excellent, good, fair, poor and critical), best method of repair, cost of repair and average daily traffic volumes. A computer program considers these factors and provides a priority list in terms of the “cost benefit per vehicle mile traveled.” In other words, a road in fair condition with heavy traffic might receive a higher priority than a road in poor condition, but with few vehicles.

It is a matter of getting the most “bang for our buck” from our limited road repair dollars. With $1 million we can extend the life of 80 miles of good to fair condition roads for seven years, or we can reconstruct four miles of road in poor condition. But the following year those 80 miles of road may cost $1.5 million to service due to further deterioration. Just as a car owner will pay $75 for a regular tune up and service to avoid more costly repairs down the road, the Town will treat a road in fair condition with a less expensive process, before it reaches the point where only total reconstruction will help.

For information on the Town of Apple Valley Pavement Management Program, call the Engineering Department at (760)240-7000 x 7353.