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Telexca Inc.

"We have been in this location for approximately ten years now. During this time, we have found that the Apple Valley community has given us a great opportunity to be selective with the people that we need to hire for training as well as long term employment. That relationship has brought in an excellent repertoire for us as business owners and also for our employees.

We take pride that we are some of the only people up here that are producing these types of products that are being accepted worldwide. Nationally, we supply some of the best names in the business industry such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Our proximity, as we are in Apple Valley, to the Lancaster and Palmdale areas has allowed the companies that we supply to notice us and select the components that we make."

-Roberto Brand, Telexca Inc.

Reid Products

"We are primarily an aerospace component manufacturer. We are able to take metal, turn it into various shapes and induce properties that will fit the design needs of the buyer. The cost and ability to own this facility is what drew us to Apple Valley. Our niche is that we are very short-run oriented. We manufacture a lot of 'nuisance items'...stuff that is very difficult and time consuming to make. We work mostly with titanium. The forging, pressing and rolling of the material is all done in-house. This allows our products to perform at the highest level inside aircraft and satellites around the world. Apple Valley has allowed us to grow into what we are today and given us opportunity for the future ahead."

-Kevin Reid, Reid Products Inc.

Jayco Industries

"I started the business in '87. I was working part-time and I felt that maybe I could do a better job if I was in charge, maybe I would be good at running my own business. This was all my father's idea of simply repairing and replacing mailboxes. He would drive down Apple Valley Road and see the traditional 'round-top' boxes smashed up and damaged. He sat down, laid out a plan, bought the necessary materials and we began a door-to-door service for repairing mailboxes. All of this was done out of my parent's garage. Today, we're not only serving the local area, we're serving the country. It's crazy but I can still remember my first commercial job just off of Kiowa Road...those mailboxes are still there today."

-Jay Jeffs, Jayco Industries