Mayor's Weight Loss Challenge

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Get Healthy in 2016

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The 2016 Mayor's Weight Loss Challenge Winners Announced!

Participants competed to win cash prizes, up to $1,000, for losing the highest percentage of their starting body weight. More than 200 people were quick to step on the scale during the initial weigh-ins last February. Because of the generous community partners that provided additional funding, each first place competitor walked away with $1,000 cash and an 18-month gym membership from Apple Valley Express Fitness.

Taking first place in the men’s division was Michael Faglie, who lost 16.5% of his bodyweight during the four-month competition.

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The top competitor among the women was Katherine Rangel, who lost 18.97% of her body weight.

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Complete List of Final Results

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MWLC 2016 FINAL Results


Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and accomplishments
towards getting healthy in 2016!