Apple Valley Swim Club

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Advanced Stroke

The Apple Valley Swim Club

AVSC is a recreational swim club that focuses on developing inexperienced swimmers into strong, confident,  athletes. Ages 5 - 17 will be grouped based on skill level, and will have workouts tailored to their needs; eventually leading them to our advanced level, which encourages competition against each other, in High School swimming, or USA Swimming!   

Beginning: Work to improve endurance with Freestyle and Backstroke; build a successful Breaststroke and Dolphin Kick; add arm actions to the Breaststroke kick and Dolphin Kick, thereby learning the Breaststroke and Butterfly; perform simple open turn at the wall; perfect diving from standing position.
Intermediate: Work to improve endurance with Breaststroke and Butterfly; improve speed and effectiveness of Freestyle and Backstroke; begin flip turns on the front and back; begin diving from starting blocks.
Advanced: Work to improve endurance, speed, and efficiency in all four strokes; prepare to swim competitively against each other, in High School, or in USA Swimming.

All AVSC members must pass a tryout before registering. Members must have the ability to perform at Swim Level 4. Tryouts are $5 and are held the last 3 class days of the month.

Days: Mon- Fri

Time: 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Activity Fee: 

  $45.00 - 3 days per week
$55.00 - 4 days per week
$65.00 - 5 days per week

Location: Civic Center Park Aquatic Center

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If you have any questions, please contact the Recreation Office at 760-240-7880