Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP)

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Town of Apple Valley Comment Letter

The Town's Comment Letter is available for review here.

The Draft DDRECP smallesert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan is a more than 8,000 page plan for re-designating use areas in the California desert, of which, more than half of the acreage is located in the San Bernardino County.

The plan has two broad sets of goals:

  • 1.  Renewable Energy and Transmission: The plan identifies specific development focus areas with high-quality renewable energy potential and access to transmission in areas where impacts can be managed and mitigated.

  • 2.  Desert Conservation: Address species, ecosystem and climate adaptation requirements for 37 species and 31 natural communities covered by the plan as well as protection of recreation, cultural, and scenic values, and other desert resources.

For more information, visit the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan website at