Special Enforcement

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Gang Unit

The Apple Valley Gang unit locates and identifies local gangs and their members, and prevents local groups from mutating into gangs. The Unit educates civic groups, businesses, local school staff and at-risk members of society about the harmfulness of gang participation and its activities.

The Gang Unit has apprehended numerous violent offenders and provided expert court testimony that has resulted in the conviction of numerous criminals that in 2010 alone, totaled more than 225 years of combined prison time.

The Apple Valley Gang Unit continues to support the members of the community by providing a professional law enforcement service that focuses on reducing violent crimes and apprehending the offenders associated with criminal gangs that threaten our better way of life.


The Gang Team recovered six English mastiff puppies from a Santa Monica garage 24 hours after being stolen from a home in Apple Valley. The puppies were valued at $1,200 each. 

  MET/Crime Free Multi Housing

The Town of Apple Valley Crime Free Multi-Housing Progam is a coalition of police, property managers and residents of rental properties who work together to keep crime out of their homes, mobile home communities and businesses.

Reducing crime on rental property presents a unique challenge for law enforcement. Most renters don't have the same commitment to improve the safety of the community. At the first sign of criminal activity renters can just give notice, pack up, and leave. Owners often aren't aware of their rights when it comes to crimes committed on the property, and the consequences of not knowing are often expensive and time consuming.

The Crime Free program has two goals: to see a decrease in calls for service and an increase in safety for our rental properties. Some incentives for program participation include training by law enforcement, certification, police-issued signs, and advertising privileges.

The Crime Free Business Program provides FREE training to both business owners and employees in robbery and burglary prevention, improving relationships with law enforcement, counterfeit money/credit cards, identity theft and many other essential tools to help protect you and your business.

Contact the police department today to find out more about the program and how to get involved.

Traffic Division

The mission of the Apple Valley Police traffic division is to increase traffic safety, decrease traffic collisions, and increase public awareness of traffic laws. Deputies uphold this mission by providing a visual presence of law enforcement, interacting with drivers and providing written citations when necessary.

Over the past four years traffic collisions have decreased in the Town of Apple Valley from 774 to 735, which has also decreased the number of fatal traffic collisions.

While all vehicle code violations are unsafe, the violations that occur with the greatest frequency include:Police Car Side

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Failure to yield
  • Red light violations
  • Stop sign violations
  • Cell phone violations (talking and texting)
  • Pedestrian violations
  • Driving without a license
  • And driving under the influence.

Many violations are committed due to driver impatience. When drivers are in a hurry they often commit vehicle code violations that place themselves and other drivers in unsafe situations. It is estimated that 80% of daily traffic violations could be avoided if drivers leave 10 minutes earlier.

Statistically, a decrease in traffic violations leads to a decrease in traffic collisions. A decrease in violations also means a safer roadway for everyone. Please drive safely and don’t be in a hurry.

Retail Theft

The Retail Theft division helps prevent crime through proactive, high visibility patrol in the retail zones.

The retail deputy investigates crimes that affect retail businesses such as burglary, property / identity theft, internal theft, loitering / trespassing, and any other crime affecting the operation of the retail business.

One recent success resulted in the capture and conviction of a suspect who had fraudulently made purchases at the Target store in South Apple Valley. Retail Theft Deputy Bryan Zierdt's investigation recovered thousands of fraudulent coupons, maps, bank documents, a laptop computer, printer and numerous Target receipts. The suspect was receiving discounts of up to 80% off of the purchase prices and selling the items on E-Bay.

The suspect was arrested and charged with numerous counts of commercial burglary and forgery. He was ultimately sentenced to three years in State prison.