Historical Advisory Committee

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With a rich history filled with stories of the hardiest of settlers to the Hollywood elite, the Town of Apple Valley Historical Advisory Committee works hard to research, document and preserve our history. Formed on March 13, 1990, the Committee has eight members appointed by the Town Council. Members of the Town Council each appoint one person, plus three at-large members, which include representatives of the Mohahve Historical Society and the Victor Valley Museum.

The Historical Advisory Committee meets on the third Thursday of alternate months at 2:00 p.m. at Town Hall. Meetings are open to the public.

Visit the Commissions and Committees page for a list of current members.

Also visit our History of Apple Valley page.

Historical Advisory Committee Goals:

  • Preserve the history of the Town of Apple Valley.
  • Maintain a list of historical points of interest.
  • Develop an historical site marker program.
  • Develop community awareness of Apple Valley’s history with the use of educational materials and special programs.
  • Develop an Historical Plan for the accumulation and preservation of documents and information about the Town of Apple Valley.
  • Explore possible avenues of funding for site preservation.
  • Work cooperatively with other High Desert cities, as well as the Mohahve Historical Society, the Victor Valley Museum and Apple Valley Library, for the dissemination of accurate historical information.