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Public Works Division

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of the Town’s infrastructure. Public Works maintains the Town’s streets, sewers and parks, issues sewer permits, maintains roadway signage, performs graffiti abatement for public facilities, manages drainage structures, and oversees the maintenance of Town-owned roadway landscaping, irrigation, traffic signals and parks.

The Department is comprised of three divisions: Street Maintenance,  Wastewater and Grounds Maintenance. A staff of 19 dedicated permanent employees is responsible for delivering services to citizens in a timely, professional manner. The Department staff work hard cleaning, repairing, and improving Town streets and sewers in order to keep Apple Valley safe, clean, and attractive for current and future generations to come.

To reach the Department of Public Works, please use the contact information listed below, or click on the Let Us Know link at the top of the page. Public Works staff will respond as soon as possible.

Serving You...

  • Mike Molinari - Public Works Manager
  • Mike Atteberry - Public Works Supervisor, Street Maintenance and Wastewater 
  • Jabez Vargas - Public Works Supervisor, Grounds Maintenance  
  • Tina Kuhns - Administrative Analyst
  • Kathy Schmachtenberger - Administrative Analyst
  • Silvia Urenda - Housing & Community Development Specialist

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