Street Maintenance

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The Street Maintenance Division oversees the maintenance of the Town’s roadway improvements, street sweeping, roadway signs and markings, graffiti abatement from public facilities, Town-owned roadway landscaping and irrigation, traffic signals, and drainage structures. The Division maintains a daily work-force to respond and repair roadway pavement potholes, and administers a contract work-force to make periodic permanent roadway repairs and perform shoulder maintenance. The Division maintains a daily in-house street sweeping service, and roadway signs, markings, and traffic signals are also maintained daily. Graffiti removal, weed-abatement, and public bus-stop shelter maintenance are performed daily as needed, and public landscaping and irrigation receive weekly maintenance service. Town drainage structures are cleaned and maintained on a periodic basis, with annual inspecting and servicing of Town drywells performed in accordance with government requirements.

The Division maintains a working relationship with Caltrans to assure that State Highway 18 and its intersection traffic signal systems are maintained to best serve the interests of the residents of the Town of Apple Valley.

Southern California Edison maintains street lights within the Town.  If you notice a street light that is out or needs maintenance, please contact Edison at 1-800-655-4555 or contact the Public Works Department and we will notify Edison of the location for you.

If you have any questions, requests, or suggestions regarding the Street Maintenance Division functions please contact the Public Works Department by calling (760) 240-7000 ext. 7500 or by clicking on the Let Us Know button at the top of the page.