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Recycling and environmental sustainability are important issues in California. Numerous watch-dog groups keep a close eye on upcoming legislation which will affect trash disposal and recycling programs. Other regional agencies provide assistance with specific areas, such as water conservation.

Listed below are some of the regional and state-wide agencies that can provide you with additional information.

The Mojave River Watershed Group site provides access news, information, methods for prevention and your local government’s efforts to reduce stormwater pollution within the Mojave River Watershed.  Also included is information regarding Waste Disposal, Pollution Reporting, School Outreach, Education Materials, Water Wise Landscaping and Mojave Wildlife.

The California Resource Recovery Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to resource conservation. It is the oldest state association of professionals in reuse, repair, recycling and composting in the United States.

CalRecycle (formerly CIWMB)
The California Integrated Waste Management Board was restructured and its responsibilities were folded into a new department, CalRecycle.  CalRecycle is now responsible for managing California's solid waste stream and achieving the goal of 50% solid waste disposal reduction by the year 2000.

Apple Valley receives grant funds periodically from CalRecycle which are used to operate a used motor oil and oil filter collection facility in conjunction with its Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center, to sponsor Tire Amnesty Days, and to expand the HHW Collection Center.

Californians Against Waste is a tenacious lobbying group that keeps an eye on and reports on all prospective and current legislation that affects the waste industries and the ecology of the State of California.

The Zero Waste Communities of San Bernardino County is made up of 16 cities that have partnered with the County of San Bernardino to educate residents and businesses on ways of zero waste living. Some of the zero waste goals include:

  • Educate consumers to buy products made of recycled materials and products that can be reused and repaired.
  • Make manufacturers take greater responsibility for the proper disposal of their products.
  • Improve product design for easier reuse, repair and recycling.
  • Promote waste prevention, recycling and composting.
Check out their website at to see what's going on in the county -- environmentally speaking!