May 1, 2019, Special Meeting of the Apple Valley Town Council and Planning Commission

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN as provided by Section 54956 of the Government Code of the State of California that the Mayor has called a Special Meeting for the purposes listed below.

This Special Meeting is to be held on May 1, 2019, at 6:00 p.m., at Apple Valley Conference Center, 14975 Dale Evans Parkway, Apple Valley, California 92307                        


PUBLIC PARTICIPATION IS INVITED.  If you wish to be heard on any item on the agenda during consideration of that item or earlier if determined by the Council/Commission, please so indicate by filling out a "REQUEST TO SPEAK" form at the meeting or notify the Clerk.  Place the request in the Speaker Request Box on the table near the Town Clerk or hand to the Town Clerk at the meeting (Gov. Code, § 54954.3 (a)).  Please note that, in accordance with State law, the Town Council may not consider any non-agendized business.  (Gov. Code, § 54956).

The Town of Apple Valley recognizes its obligation to provide equal access to those individuals with disabilities.  Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at (760) 240-7000 two working days prior to the scheduled meeting for any requests for reasonable accommodations.

CALL TO ORDER:        

ROLL CALL:              Council Members Bishop _____, Emick_____, Leon _____, Mayor Pro Tem Nassif, Mayor Cusask _____.

Commissioners Tinsley____, Arias _____, Harrison_____, Vice-Chairman Kallen ________ and Chairman Lamoreaux ______





1.         Discussion of Possible Modifications to the Development Code


            For Discussion and Further Direction to Staff

  1. Topics to commence discussion of possible modifications to the Development Code

This list consists of issues to consider for the discussion between the Town Council and the Planning Commission to address possible changes to the Development Code. There will be an opportunity for each Council Member/Commissioner to also provide their own review of issues within the Code and identifying areas that need to be discussed and considered.  This list may also be expanded after hearing from the public.  The meeting format will allow some brief and general discussion for each item and determine if the regulations should be changed/added/removed, and if changed, will the regulations be more restrictive or less restrictive.



  1. Discuss the Sign Code (height, quantity, types, and size)
  2. Expand Section 9.15 “Commercial/Industrial Revitalization Permits” to allow for new construction and expansion in Village and Infill development Town-wide by allowing more exemptions and relief in parking, setbacks, etc. to be reviewed by the Director
  3. Allow Administrative review of new development that is greater than 50,000 square feet.
  4. Remove the Use Permit requirements as it pertains to physical development and replace it with appropriate type of Development Permit (DP) requirement.
  5. Consider restricting Gas Stations from occupying more than two hard corners in an intersection, but allow development of a gas station a reasonable distance away from hard corner.
  6. Discuss the use of metal cargo containers in non-residential zones
  7. Discuss drive through queuing requirements to allow for flexibility to increase and decrease requirements by Director
  8. Discuss regulations for menu boards affiliated with drive through establishments
  9. Discuss hours of operation of drive through establishments, adjacent to residential, currently allowed between 6 am and 10 pm. Allow for Director review and issuance of use permit with mitigation/conditions to reduce impacts to adjacent residential, rather than
  10. Discuss the need for fencing of outside storage areas in non-residential zones
  11. Reduce and Compare Parking standards with current trends
  12. Increase in height of parking lot light standards in non-residential zones
  13. Modify the definition of “manufacturing” to allow assembly as an ancillary use to a commercial or industrial business.
  14. Identify a new use that could categorize micro brews, brew pubs, craft distilleries, coffee roasters that manufacture these edible products and typically include tasting, entertainment, and food service.
  15. Should required parking for automotive repair uses be inclusive of parking spaces used for vehicles awaiting service?
  16. Consider expanding PF (Public Facilities) zone to allow for restaurants
  17. Consider allowing an administrative review for shared parking agreements rather than a CUP.

All types of Development

  1. Should Modular Units be required to be on a permanent foundation and have an age limitation of the structure?
  2. Expand existing use tables to consider current trends and remove outdated language. Also consider modifying the approving authority.
  3. Allow for Intensity Bonus or Concessions for sustainable, environmentally supportive or affordable housing to be reviewed and approved by Director.
  4. Discuss trash enclosure specifications including height and location
  5. Discuss the regulation for trailers or campers occupied for 15 days not affiliated with a Temporary Use Permit (TUP).
  6. Allow for more flexibility for projections into yards and height limits through Deviation Permit
  7. Discuss reduction in landscaping requirements for all non-residential zones
  8. Discuss the regulations that allows for mass grading sites, removing all existing vegetation and the regulation that discusses replanting of native desert plants if a site is mass graded.
  9. Allow administrative review to determine if a Joshua Tree is dead, rather than requiring a expert to provide a written report.


  1. Reduce the number of findings for CUP, DP and Special Use Permit (SUP).
  2. Expand the use of TUP’s and Deviation Permits
  3. Expand the lapse of time for a Variance
  4. Modify language in Extension of Time for entitlements to extend the life of the permit (DP, Use Permits, Variances)
  5. Explain the Development Advisory Board process in the Pre-application Conference (9.12.020) section of the Code
  6. Include a description of other Development Impact Fees in the Subdivision Section (9.71.055) of the Code where it refers to the regulations of the Quimby requirements.
  7. Remove the Entertainment Village Overlay District (Chapter 9.66) which does not exist anymore.
  8. Clean up Development Code inconsistencies and organize the Development Code to remove redundancies.