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Community Development Citizen's Advisory Committee

Five members - Meetings are scheduled as needed at Town Hall.
Please call 240-7000 x7921 for more information - E-Mail

The CDCAC provides oversight, advice and approves the allocation of federal grants received by the Housing Section. The CDCAC is also tasked with the responsibility of selecting public service organizations that are best suited to meet the goals and objectives of the CDBG program. The Committee assesses each CDBG proposal application and each organization’s capacity to provide effective services to low income individuals and families in our community. After a consensus is reached, the Committee’s recommendations are presented to Town Council for approval.

Member   Appointed
Kevin Simon    01-09-2018
Ronald Barbieri  08-08-2006
Gabe Lovato                               12-11-2012
Marion Munoz        12-11-2018

Rick Whittingham



Historical Advisory Committee

Eight members - Meetings are scheduled as needed.
Please call 240-7000 x7070 for more information - E-Mail

The Committee makes recommendations of the Town Council concerning the designation of points of historical interest and the promotion of the history and culture of the Town.

For a complete description please click here: Historical Advisory Committee



 Art Bolding  10-25-2011
 Debi Trudeau  07-22-1997
 Barbara Davisson      12-11-2012
 Rick Piercy  12-11-2012
 Bill Olson  12-14-2011

 At-Large Members


 Fran Elgin  01-27-2009

Park & Recreation Commission

Five members - Meets 1st Thursday of alternate months at 6 p.m.
Please call 240-7000 x7885 for more information - E-Mail

 The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Commission is to act in an advisory capacity to the Town Council, the Parks and Recreation Manager, and the staff in all matters pertaining to public parks and recreation, and to cooperate with other governmental agencies and groups in the advancement of sound recreation and park planning and programming.

For a complete description please click here: Park and Recreation Commission



 Donald Tatera, Commissioner  02-09-2010
 Valerie Smith, Chairwoman  04-07-2016
 Bobby Tarango, Commissioner  01-22-2019
 Patrick Doran, Vice-Chairman  02-26-2013
 Colin Wilson, Commissioner  12-11-2018

Planning Commission

Five members - Meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m.
Please call 240-7000 x7200 for more information - E-Mail

The Planning Commission reviews and decides land use matters such as the subdivision of land (Tentative Tract or Parcel maps), Conditional Use Permits, or Variances. In addition, the Commission provides assistance and recommendations to the Town Council on such issues as zone changes, Development Code changes, Development Agreements, General Plan Amendments, and adoption or amendment of Specific Plans.

For a complete description please click here: Planning Commission



 Mike Arias, Jr., Commissioner  12-11-2018
 Bob Tinsley, Commissioner  12-10-2002
Tom Lanyon, Commissioner  12-10-2019
 Bruce Kallen, Chairman  12-11-2012
 Joel Harrison, Vice-Chairman  01-22-2019

Traffic Commission

Five members - Meetings are scheduled as needed

Considers requests and makes recommendations to Town Council or to any appropriate department or officer as deemed necessary under the circumstances, for traffic regulatory or control devices, signs and markings; study and consider apparent unsafe or malfunctioning traffic conditions or devices; recommend on matters concerning short and long range transportation planning, review of street and highway master plans, truck routes, and complaints concerning traffic safety conditions.



 John Crouch  CHP
 Captain Manny Mendoza  PD
 Don Allen  DOT
 Wayne Hampton  AAA
 Dianna Lindsey  AVUSD
 Lorenzo Gigliotti
 Brad Miller  TOAV
 Gene Gregory  Citizen

Building and Safety Advisory Board

Five members - Meetings are scheduled as needed

Committee members must be residents of the Town of Apple Valley and over 18 years of age. The term of any regular member will be automatically extended pending the qualification of their successor.



 Tim Lindsay          03-19-2004
 John Fleming  05-26-1992
 Carl Coleman      03-19-2004
 Robert Martinez  03-23-1999

NOTE: Vacancy notices are posted in the Town Hall front lobby.