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Copies of Town records, including but not limited to minutes, resolutions or ordinances, are available upon request from the Town Clerk's office at a cost of $.20 per page.  Agenda subscriptions are also available for Town Council and Planning Commission agendas. Subscriptions for Town Council agendas are available at $60.00/year. Planning Commission agendas are available at 30.00/year. Please contact the Town Clerks Office for more information.  

You may click on the link below to access a Public Records Request Form.  The form may be faxed to 760-961-6242 or you may bring the form into to Town Hall for processing.

Public Records Request

Records Management

The Town of Apple Valley has an adopted Records Management Program and a Retention Schedule approved by the Town Council. ALL Records are kept in accordance with regulations established by State Law. Records Management (RM) is the systematic control of records required by an agency to effectively conduct its business from creation to its final disposition. Records are kept because IT'S THE LAW.  Various laws apply depending upon the type of record.

Records Management helps to identify the various kinds of records generated and/or maintained by the Town; establish value for those records to help determine which records need to be preserved and which records we can safely discard; provide quick and accurate retrieval and access of records for staff, Council and the community; and RM helps to maintain records with a sensitive nature in an appropriate fashion to prevent loss of information.

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Political Reform Act

Per Political Reform Act Section 87200 annual statements are filed between January 1 and April 1 of each year by designated officials and employees.

To Report a Violation call 1-800-561-1861